Более CloneDVD 2 2. AVI file only played the audio, NO video. Перекодировка требует времени, но если исходный файл был в avi, то скорость обработки увеличивается. Редактор видео Киностудия Windows Live. Отзывы о программе Bandicut. Вопросы и ответы 0. Downloaded onto my Win7 laptop.

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It is difficult at the start but really worth the effort. I have been doing the same and much more in a freeware program called Avidemux it is available at the following link: The Adventures of Tacheman. You can also add comment via Facebook. I therefore would rename Bandicut as it sounds very near to bandit.

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Program opens to a disembodied set of parts of a program window, with the bottom section missing its bottom half correctable by maximising. На Softpedia Bandicut 1. Премного благодарен GOTD и разработчикам данного софта. он гораздо менее удобен в использовании.


And its fast, like really fast! However, instead of letting me cut out the commercials, it only lets me clip a chunk of video to keep. Улучшения в работе программы Исправлены незначительные ошибки.


Pretty good app for noobs or for people who want to trim a video into a shorter one in order to keep only the most interesting or exciting parts of their clips. Concerning «how to AviDemux» please follow AviDemux instructions http: Like banicut cutting programs it works with some files but not with others since you may get audio out of sync or a video that will not bandidut playing depending on the player.

Так же можно объединять фрагменты — если нужно склеить единый видеоролик из несколько частей. Ничего лишнего,всё просто и.

Присоединяйся к нам. CCleaner является номер один инструмент для очистки ПК Windows.

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Дизайн сайта bamdicut компания Relmax, Inc. Best regards, The Bandicut Team. Вопросы и ответы 0. It finished the encode inside 2mins. Freemake fails; Xmedia Recode works OK. Прога знатная,работает как швейцарские часы. I prefer multifunctional software to a buch of single ones. Cut was very fast, BUT the resulting. The encoding feature is good.


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I cut a video and increased the fps to 60 and the size was mb. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but if what you need is a fast and simple way to trim videos, this one worked very well for me. Подписка на обновления Сообщение администрации.

Если есть русик у 1.2.159 поделитесь, хотя в ней и так почти что всё понятно. Downloaded onto my Win7 laptop. Cutting video is easy for some formats and difficult for others.

Bandicut allows users to cut videos at high speed with excellent and lossless quality. Поддерживается возможность быстрого преобразования файлов без потери в качестве.